CBD/CBN Oil Filling Machines & Equipment

The CBD market is expected to grow at a rate of 125.5% by 2026. Are you ready?

If you’re in need of top-quality CBD/CBN oil or vape cartridge filling machines, you’ll find plenty of filling systems designed to last.

In today’s market, there are so many CBD/CBN oil filling machines and equipments, but I believe that our company’s products will surely surprise you ! You won’t find a better CBD/CBN oil bottler or filling machine on the market !!!

How to choose a CBD/CBN oil Tincture Filling Machine?? There are TOP5 tips will help you.

✨Tip1: Suitable Pump The most commonly used pumps are peristaltic pump and piston pump, if your liquid viscosity like syrup, oil piston pump is the best choice,if your liquid viscosity like water, both pumps are available.

✨Tip2: Good Material of Star Wheel Say no to ordinary plastics, choose materials that are resistant to cold, high temperature, and not easy to deform, such as POM

✨Tip3: Professional Design Caps Feeding Vibrator Bowl It can ensure that the glass dropper will not be broken

✨Tip4: Best Design Pack Dropper Parts Choose a design that avoids damage to glass dropper,such as mechanical arm

✨Tip5: High Accuracy Capping Head Better tighten the cap

✨PS: For different bottle size (5ml 10ml 30ml 60ml….) Low-viscosity liquids can choose peristaltic pumps, high-viscosity piston pumps must be equipped with servo drive, PLC control, then you can adjust the filling volume on the touch screen easily, otherwise it will be a headache to adjust the filling volume every time.

Browse our website, we will bring you a complete product line, if you have any questions about CBD/CBN oil filling machinery or materials, welcome to consult, we have a professional service team with sales!–CHENGXIANG

Our company provides ODM/OEM service, if you have the demand, welcome to inquire!!–CHENGXIANG

Why use our CBD/CBN oil filling machine?

1.CE marks and cGMP guidelines

2.Automatic pick and place plugging station

3.Filling needles anti-drip design

4.Mechanical arm pick plug and caps

5.Diving nozzle for an optimized filing cycle

6.Servo system control No bottles No filling(optional)

7.Siemens HMI for easy adjust filling volume(optional)

8.Final caps torque control for each bottle(optional)

9.Precise filling application based on unique star wheel design

10.The parts which contact liquid are SUS316L stainless steel,machine frame are SUS304 stainless steel

11.Production line can be customized

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