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For more than ten years, Chengxiang has been providing customers with first-class liquid filling machine. Product characteristics dictate that your product requires a high quality, high precision filling machines. Our strengths are quality filling machines and a high level of pre-sales and after-sales service to promote your products to stand out from the competition.

CHENGXIANG produces a wide range of liquid filling machine, such as cigarette oil filling machine, syrup filling machine, eye drop filling machine, essential oil filling machine, CBD/CBN oil filling machine.CHENGXIANG adopts the latest filling technology, which enables high efficiency and precision filling in the packaging industry, and also allows no bottle no filling. The CHENGXIANG liquid filling system is appreciated by everyone in the industry because it can fill free-flowing liquids or viscous products.

With so many bottle filling machinery manufacturers to choose from, we understand that it's a tough choice to make, which is why we ask for product and bottle samples as well as the required speed to ensure that we can provide you with the best filling machine for your product and the best service!

CX-GFT CBD/CBN oil filling machines

E-liquid filling machine

CX-YGF E-liquid filling machine


We also have many filling machines and other machinery, if you are interested, please click here!

Filling systems to consider

Jam, like water, is bottled through a liquid filling system. Jam and water are both liquids, but at opposite ends of the viscosity range. The filling machinery required to fill jams into bottles is very different from the liquid filling machinery used to handle water.

We have filling machines for liquids of different viscosities, as long as your product requires it!

Low viscosities. High Viscosity

The first step in determining the liquid filling solution that meets your needs is to identify the product characteristics, which basically depends on the nature of the product. This will help you determine the equipment solution. Product viscosity affects several aspects, including the type of dosing system, fill rate, and accuracy. Determining product viscosity is a necessary step in the process.

Type of Bottles for Filling Machines

It is also vital to understand the type of bottle being filled. Whether you are filling glass or plastic bottles, round or square bottles, tall or short bottles, small or large openings, stabilized or unstabilized bottles, these are all bottle type issues that affect the development and design of your liquid filling machines system, so communication is essential!

Filling rate and volume of the filling machines, etc.

Based on the product information you provide, our sales will provide you with information and quotations for suitable filling machines.

Why can you trust CHENGXIANG?
🎉We are 18 years professional liquid filling line factory, High-quality products and services!
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