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Gummy making machines are a type of confectionery equipment designed for the production of gummy candies. These machines are used in food manufacturing facilities, candy factories, and commercial kitchens to automate the process of creating gummy candies in various shapes, sizes, and flavors.

CXM-GD20 was specially innovated by our R&D department according to the market, which can produce gummy with multiple shapes and variety colors based on the advanced technology process. It is an ideal machine to produce superior quality gummy. By change-over molds or depositors, different color and different shape of gummy can be also produced. This gummy machine production line mainly consists of cooker, candy depositor, conveyor and molds.

This machine is the new design of company, which is accurate and durable than previous model. It has a 25L tabletop cooker. You can put the ingredients into it for dissolving, cooking and mixing. After the syrup is cooked, you can choose forward discharge or front bottom butterfly valve discharge to pour the syrup into the hopper of the depositor.

It can deposit different kinds of shapes. Then you can press the touch screen to deposit the syrup into the molds. You can set the programme to change the depositing volume, etc. It has 10 adjustable detachable nozzles and servo PLC control for precise depositing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of candy can you manufacture with gummy manufacturing equipment?

With CHENGXIANG commercial gummy making machines, you can easily manufacture a wide range of products. From traditional gummy bears to chewy nutraceutical sweets, there’s scope to produce almost any jelly or gummy-based confectionery.

What machines are used to make gummy bears?

If you’re looking to produce gummy bears or candy, it’s recommended that you choose a starch-free depositing process. This ensures maximum hygiene and no cross contamination. Browse our gummy making machines above.

How do you mass produce gummy sweets?

For mass production of gummy sweets, you don’t just need the right equipment, you also need the right advice. You can contact us at any time!

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