How to choose filling machine?

Next I'll tell you about the problems you'll encounter when choosing a filling machine.

🧐What size of container do you want to fill?-choose filling machine

Obviously, large containers take longer to fill than small containers, regardless of the filling method used. Volumetric fillers have an upper limit on the amount of liquid that can be filled in a single cycle. Multiple cycles can be used to fill larger containers, or a high speed filler with multiple nozzles may be more suitable for your needs!

🧐What kind of filling material?

Powder, liquid, creme, etc. There are different filling machines for different materials. So providing your product information and pictures will be helpful for both of us!

🧐How viscose is the liquid?

Volumetric fillers can fill thicker liquids or liquids that are the same as water, and of course, mechanical or peristaltic pump is used is important.

🧐Should I opt for a semi-automatic or automatic filling machine?

Choosing between semi-automatic and fully automatic filling machines depends on your production requirements, labor costs and budget. Semi-automatic filling machines are cost-effective and suitable for smaller scale production, whereas fully automatic filling machines with high throughput and less manual intervention can save a lot of labor costs and are ideal for high volume production.

🧐How do I make sure that the filling machine meets quality and requirements?

When selecting a filling machine, priority should be given to safety features such as the ability to add guards, emergency stop systems, and compliance with industry-specific regulations such as FDA, cGMP, or CE. ensure that the machine complies with recognized standards to prevent any potential legal or operational problems. It's also important to have after-sales service, which can be very helpful!

🧐Is customization possible for filling machines?

Many manufacturers offer customization options to tailor the filling machine to your specific needs. Discuss your requirements with the supplier to determine if they can accommodate any necessary modifications or provide additional accessories for optimal functionality.


Choosing the right filling machine for your company is a big decision that can affect productivity and cost. By considering factors such as product characteristics, throughput, container type and budget, you can make an informed choice. In addition, understanding the various types of filling machines and their suitability for different applications will help you choose the most appropriate solution.

Additionally, considering the level of automation of the machine, whether semi-automatic or fully automatic, is critical to meeting production demands and available resources.

Prioritizing safety, quality, and service is critical to ensure that the filling machine meets industry standards and minimizes any potential risks or legal issues.

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