Automatic 1-15ml Vials Filling And Capping Machine Filling Production Line


Vials Filling And Capping Machine

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Canada, United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Russia
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Vials Filling And Capping Machine Introduction:

  1. The Set of machine include filling-stoppers Feeder-caps feeder-mechanical arm sucking stoppers and caps-capping automatically
  2. Fit for E-liquid ,essential oil ,perfume, syrup, tincture, alcohol,wine a variety of materials such as,and other functions.
  3. Machine can be working alone or connect other filling line packaging machine
  4. The parts which contact liquid are SUS316L stainless steel,machine frame are SUS304 stainless steel
  5. Applied for 5-15ml glassvial bottle.
  6. UK Watson Marlow peristaltic pump,SUS316L stainless steel piston pumpand ceramic pump are optional

Vials Filling And Capping Machine Superior Advantage:

  1. CE marks and cGMP guidelines
  2. Automatic pick and place plugging station
  3. Filling needles anti-drip design
  4. Mechanical arm pick stoppers
  5. Diving nozzle for an optimized filing cycle
  6. Servo system control No bottles No filling
  7. Siemens HMI for easy adjust filling volume
  8. Final caps torque control for each bottle(optional)
  9. Precise filling application based on unique star wheel design

Vials Filling And Capping Machine Detail drawing

Vials Filling And Capping Machine Superior Advantage

Machine Speed

1200-2000 bottles per hour

Applied Bottle


Filling Nozzles

2 Nozzles

Filling Accuracy



Stoppers Vibrator & Caps Vibrator

Capping Nozzle

1 Nozzle

Capping Accuracy


Compressor Air Supply


Air Consumption



AC 380V 50HZ Three Phase (Can be customized)

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