CX-WT Automatic horizontal labeling machine lip balm type container labeler


labeling machine

Machinery Capacity
4000-9000 BPH
Applicable Industries:
Manufacturing Plant
Showroom Location:
Canada, United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Russia
APPAREL, Beverage, Chemical, Commodity, Food
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Product details

CX-WT Automatic horizontal labeling machine

horizontal labeling machine Application:

Can fit for ampoules of pha industry, schering bottles, oral liquid, blood vessels; Stationery such as pen, paste pen; In daily chemical industry such as lipstick, lip balm etc small cylindrical material for the wrap aroundor part of wrap of the automatic labeling requirements

horizontal labeling machine Function characteristics:

* Bottles of bottles broken rate is low, application of flexible points technology and flexible by standard technology, bottle labeling smoothly

*Intelligent control, automatic photoelectric tracking, have any label, no standard automatic correction and label automatic detection function, prevent leakage and labels to waste

*High stability, PLC+touch screen + needle advanced electronic control system of electric eye, 7 x 24 hour support equipment operation

* Main material is made of stainless steel equipment and advanced aluminum alloy manufacturing, comply with GMP requirement


CX-WT Automatic horizontal labeling machine Detail drawing

horizontal labeling machine Main technical Parameters


AC110/220V, 50/60HZ

Labeling Speed


Object Size

25-95 mm (H), 12-30 mm (W)

Label Size

20-90 mm (L), 20-90 mm (W)

Labeling Accuracy

±0.5mm (depend on the evenness of the plane)

Printer to use air


Roll Size

Φ76 mm, Φ300 mm


2000 mm(L)×800mm(W)×1500mm(H)

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