Tax stamp labeling machine for vape bottles, boxes and tobacco tins

Putting tax stamps on vape bottles, cartridges and tobacco tins is a critical step in the sale of e-cigarette related products. It ensures compliance with regulatory requirements and helps track the movement of these products.

Most tax labels are delivered in stacks without adhesive, and if you’ve ever had to apply them by hand, you know how tedious and inefficient it can be to apply excise stamps by hand! Automatic labeling machines can help you increase efficiency and save on labor costs.

Tax Stamp and Labelling

CHENGXIANG provide a selection of Tax Stamping and labelling machines.

We also have a range of flexible machines to apply stamps to bottles, tubs and cartons or tins.

The Tax Stamper has been designed to attach tax stamps of different sizes to suit the market in a range of stamp positions.

Automatic Tax Stamp Labeling Machine (for bottle and box)

Step 1: take the vacuum suction label of the cylinder;

Step 2: The suction head moves to the upper part of the marking cylinder through the module to suck the label;

Step 3: The suction head moves to the top of the dispensing machine nozzle through the module;

Step 4: PLC sends signals to spray glue automatically;

Step 5: The product is detected by the sensor through the conveying fixture and runs to the lower part of the labeling cylinder;

Step 6: labeling cylinder completes labeling;

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