CX-200 Automatic bag feeding packaging machine


bag feeding packaging machine

Applicable Industries:
Machinery Repair Shops, Food & Beverage Factory, Food & Beverage Shops, packaging machine
Showroom Location:
Canada, United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Viet Nam, Indonesia, Russia
Food, Beverage, Commodity, Chemical, Machinery & Hardware
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Product details

CX-200 Automatic bag feeding packaging machine

Main performance characteristics

1. A wide range of packaging, suitable for materials of various shapes, states, and properties (rice, whole grains, roasted nuts, spicy puffing, chestnuts, liquids, etc.)

2. Convenient operation: PLC touch screen control, man-machine interface operating system: intuitive and convenient operation

3. Convenient adjustment: the machine clamps are adjusted synchronously, the parameters of the equipment can be saved when producing different products, and it can be completed by recalling from the database when changing the product.

4. High degree of automation: all actions are completed by end face cams, which are simpler than grooved cams and have low cost, and the speed can reach 60 packs/min during high-speed operation.

5. A complete prevention system that can intelligently detect whether the bag is opened and whether the bag is intact. If it is not suitable for feeding, no feeding or heat sealing, no waste of bags and materials, empty bags can be recycled to the first station for refilling, Avoid waste caused by bags and save costs.

6. The equipment meets the sanitary standards of food processing machinery, and the parts in contact with the equipment are made of 304 stainless steel or other materials that meet the food sanitation requirements to ensure the sanitation and safety of the food and meet the GMP standards.

7. Use oil-free vacuum pumps to avoid polluting the production environment

8. Adopt waterproof design, easy to clean, reduce the difficulty of cleaning, and increase the service life of the machine.

9. Try the prefabricated bags, the sealing quality is high, and the finished product grade is improved


CX-200 Automatic bag feeding packaging machine Detail drawing

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